I done gone made a scaffolding thing

Announcing [Scaf]foldr

Edgy off-kilter screen shot
Edgy off-kilter screen shot

The long version is over at scaffoldr.beetlejoose.co.uk but in short:

I’ve built a small application to turn an X-Tree like directory structure, drawn in an ASCII text file into a full application structure. The highlights:

  • Create directory structures from ascii files – without Right-Click, New Folder, Rename; Right-Click, New Folder, Rename
  • Basic file scaffolding for known file-types (html, js etc)
  • Include a comment in your scaffolded file, directly from the scaffold definition
  • Download and use external files, directly from the scaffold definition
  • Not Yeoman or Bower

Head over to scaffoldr.beetlejoose.co.uk to try it out. I might have even open-sourced it on BitBucket for others to contribute/make suggestions.

Make a directory and enter it with one command

I’m using the command line a lot more now that I’ve decided to finally learn Git and – powerful as it is – I’m still finding minor annoyances that are easily overcome with a little shell hacking.

Todays annoyance came from not being able to create a directory and automatically enter it with a single command. Easy:

1. Open up your shell’s config file:
[Bash Users]
nano ~/.bashsrc

[ZSH Users]

2. Add the following function:
[Bash Users]
mkcd () {
mkdir -p "$*" && cd "$*"

[ZSH Users]
mkcd () {
md "$*" && cd "$*"

3. Save / Close nano
Ctrl + O -> Enter -> Ctrl + X

4. Start a new bash session
CMD+W to close the current window, CMD+N for a new one

5. Test:
mkcd test1/test2

You should be now in the test2 directory

Take a Screen Grab of your iPhone

I discovered an “undocumented feature” of iPhone OS today – I say it’s undocumented, but I what I mean is, I found a feature of my iPhone that I didn’t know existed.

We all know what an iPhone is and we all know what a screen grab is, but did you know you can use one to perform the other? Wow, this is cool, I’m so going to use it to… erm… send screen grabs of how many apps I’ve got?!

Anyway, if you want to do this, simply get the screen to where you want it to be (i.e. scroll past “The Cheeky Girls” in your artists list) and hold the power/lock key then quickly press the home button and you get the familiar “click” noise and the screen whites out.

Head over to Photos -> Camera Roll and there’s your screenie! Awesome. Now you don’t need an app for that!

Short and sweet today. Goodnight