Tools of the Trade

There are plenty of blogs and podcasts going around at the moment with names such as “10 CSS Tricks I can’t live without” and “20 essential web developer resources”, well this is going to be another of those blogs – I am not going to tell you which software to download or which tricks you should employ because I know I will have people commenting such as “Hey Mr Skelli Man, you forgot to say this” and I’m not going to call it “The things I can’t live without” because, as Paul at said in his podcast, someone would turn around and say: “Well he hasn’t said ‘Breathing’, you couldn’t live without breathing!”.

So instead, I’m going to tell you what hardware I use, then the software. I may go on to mention some web standards and useful bookmarks too – although that may be for another time because it is almost midnight and the Cranberries are singing me to sleep… Continue reading “Tools of the Trade”