Employee, Freelancer or Sole Trader?

Anyone that has visited beetlejoose.co.uk before will have noticed the huge change in this site.

For a start, I’ve decided to get a little more personal so rather than everything being “BeetleJoose this” and “BeetleJoose that” you shall read “I said this” and “I’m doing that” – the reason for this is I’ve decided to go ‘on the books’ as it were.

In short, I want to get a mortgage quite soon. Although I’ve been running this little web company for about three years and managed to build it up to be quite successful, it would still be quite difficult to convince Mr Bank Man that over the next 25 years I will still be as successful each and every month.

As many of my friends and clients know, I’ve been working for enotions for two years (or longer) and it has now gotten to the stage where they need me full time and they need me to give them more commitment – this fits in perfectly with what I need and so we’re currently talking about finalising a deal.

I shall keep my current clients (except A & D, no more onsite work for me!) and still be doing work for friends and family but will not be looking for any more work. There are many pros and cons to both sides of the arguement but in short these are my main ones:


  1. Regular payment – this is the most obvious advantage of working for someone else
  2. Feeling like being part of something – although I work from home for enotions, I feel like I’m part of something bigger!
  3. Paid holidays ;-)
  4. The most important thing for me is that I will be able to get a mortgage and I will begin re-building a credit rating!


  1. No disappearing off to the pub at 13:00 because I’m bored at A & D
  2. Less freedom: I will need to commit myself more so that enotions know that it was worth taking me on.
  3. I will no-longer be able to tell the girl at the bar that I “run my own web design agency” – because chicks love geeks… fact!

So the next stage of the process is down to enotions and their legal people, I should find out on the day that I leave for my “icy doom” in the French Alps!

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