Fallout 3’s Disappointing Ending

Did anyone else find the final half-hour of Fallout 3 really disappointing?

One minute I’m battling my way through a bunch of Enclave soldiers to escape Raven Rock, the next I’m shooting Colonel Autumn [how did he survive Dad’s martyr attempt inside the purifier but I can’t even stand up after pressing the button??] and finally dying inside the purifier….!

Now, with a game like Fallout – with its multitude of side missions, this isn’t really a huge problem… unless the game AUTO-SAVES inside the locked room housing the final showdown. What an arse! If I want to go back and complete the side missions that I wasn’t interested in at the time, I have to roll all the way back to when I was at level 9… considering I finished the game at level 17 this would mean going back to half way through the game and re-doing the main story line again.

Not impressed Bethesda.

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