Geeky Sunday

Today I had a few tasks to complete:

1). Get one of my spare boxes set up as a web server. Check all the hardware is still functional, install a very bare Linux setup, then configure Apache and Tomcat with a bunch of VHosts.

Well I started to do this but quickly discovered that my spare box only has a wired ethernet card and couldn’t be bothered to compile the USB WiFi drivers – a job for another day. Or a better idea would be to hook up another powerline adaptor somewhere I can discretely stash away a 24/7 live server.

2). Get a virtual machine setup on the old PC to install Windows 7. This first means backing up a load of stuff to DVD just to make space on the hard disk!

I changed my plan on this one… instead of VMing it (which would have obscured the real “performance” of Windows 7) I decided to re-partition the drive and dual boot. Now, I’ve always been wary of partitioning a live system and rightly so it seems.

PartitionMagic has been sat at 3% complete for a good three hours now, but the drives are still spinning and the HDD Access LED is still constantly flashing so I’m holding out some hope that I’ve not completely wiped out my XP installation. I’m not overly attached because my real computer is a Mac but I do still need a windows lump running IE6 for website testing purposes!

I’ll give it until 20:30 and if it hasn’t done something by then, I’ll reboot and wipe the whole lot!

Apart from my unsuccessful day of wanting to re-organise even MORE stuff I’ve had a great day. Soph and Pete came round for lunch, Chicken Fajitas for Sunday lunch is quite novel for someone who either doesn’t eat at all or normally has a roast dinner with his parents! After lunch, Sophie and Brandon baked a whole bunch of cakes whilst Pete smashed some cars up on GTA IV and I fiddled and tinkered with computery stuff!

Good Sunday!

******** Update: @ 19:50 — Partition Magic currently stands at 50%, it came back from the dead! ********

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