Hippies with Camera Phones

Well well well… three holes in the ground…

It’s taken me a while to actually add this entry, simply because I’ve been away… read the date as 21st June 2005.

So Holly and I went to the solstice at Stonehenge, it was interesting, the experience could have been very special, but it was a bit of a disappointment. It wasn’t the hour (getting up at 3:30am), not the number of people (perfect time for god to send a flood!) and not necessarily the types of people. It was **drum-roll please** the combination of contradictory elements (read on for more info) and the people that did not fit in there!

Hippies with camera phones – at least two thirds of the solstice revellers had either a digital camera or camera phone and were pointing said items at the stones/sunrise. I understand that it’s an experience (in many cases, once in a lifetime) and I admit I took my camera along, but really… if you can’t afford a permanent, fixed address… how can you afford a Vodafone? If you want to distance yourselves from the “corporate whores” why pay money to one of the biggest pimps??

Another contradiction, is one that Holly took to heart, and I don’t blame her:
We were ‘all’ there to celebrate the earth and nature, so can you tell me why most of you disrespected her by leaving your White Lightening bottles and Stella cans all over the floor?? How would you like it if Gaia took all of her rubbish and dumped it in the middle of one of your Night-clubs? Or maybe she decided to bring her rubbish to Stonehenge so us enlightened ones could tell that our mission of cleansing her home was far from over… food for thought.

People that don’t belong:
It’s not for me to say who should attend the solstice and who shouldn’t but, the folks who are likely to read this will know what I mean, those same people would be welcome at my own personal solstice party. So who wouldn’t? Well one person we saw… Hol’s you remember the woman in the pink Von Dutch hat? And the others in their Burberry scarves and wraps? And finally all of you suckers that turned up to Stonehenge on (possibly) it’s most important day in the calendar, simply so you could indulge in under-age drinking and the act of dope-smoking-in-front-of-cops. There is a much more spiritual meaning to the event.

Don’t get me wrong, smoke your herbs, munch your ‘shrooms and drink your beer; just don’t do it just because you can. That sucks. And you foolish, evil people that feel the need to dangle your cameras and Boom Mics right in front of the bloody sunrise, thus destroying every other person’s photographs.

Another long entry and/or rant to follow soon… along with the addition of photographs to this blog (look out, see if you can spot the damned Boom Mic!!)

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