I done gone made a scaffolding thing

Announcing [Scaf]foldr

Edgy off-kilter screen shot
Edgy off-kilter screen shot

The long version is over at scaffoldr.beetlejoose.co.uk but in short:

I’ve built a small application to turn an X-Tree like directory structure, drawn in an ASCII text file into a full application structure. The highlights:

  • Create directory structures from ascii files – without Right-Click, New Folder, Rename; Right-Click, New Folder, Rename
  • Basic file scaffolding for known file-types (html, js etc)
  • Include a comment in your scaffolded file, directly from the scaffold definition
  • Download and use external files, directly from the scaffold definition
  • Not Yeoman or Bower

Head over to scaffoldr.beetlejoose.co.uk to try it out. I might have even open-sourced it on BitBucket for others to contribute/make suggestions.

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