The BootCamp Episode

I feel it has been long enough now, I can talk about this without feeling too much pain. I would like to explain to you the reason that I shall not be installing BootCamp on my shiny iMac; I’m sure, after reading, you will be sympathetic.

It was a hot, sunny… no it wasn’t, it was mid-January so pretty cold in fact, well it was afternoon at least, I had just completed some work for enotions and I decided that it was high time that I should fill in my time tracker so that I would know what to invoice at the end of the month; when it suddenly dawned on me that the software would only run on a PC! Shock horror! I’d have to fire up that noisy, unstable, expensive paperweight every time I wanted to print an invoice!

I knew how to get around this though, so I fired up Parallels (only a demo version as I was not yet convinced) and installed ClearlyBookkeeping; install went fine, no major errors or hiccups, so I cranked the handle on the PC and exported all my data from the BeetleJoose accounts (clever Skelli!). However! When it came to actually running CB through Parallels, it just wouldn’t open! I thought: “Oh well, I’ll just have to install BootCamp instead”. BIG MISTAKE! Continue reading “The BootCamp Episode”