Energy Efficiency for the Morally Ambivalent

I am pretty well known among my friends, family and peers as being quite selfish -self-absorbed maybe- and on the surface this is a fair approximation of my character. At this point in my life I feel that I need to be quite selfish to get myself to a point where I can effectively become the Thomas-and-Martha-Wayne-style philanthropist I aim to be; charity begins at home, as they say.

In short, I aim to change the world, but cannot do so until I have secured mine (and my family’s) own future.

It is pretty obvious that we all need to give serious consideration to our energy usage; whether it be to save the world or to save money; this is nothing new and what I am about to write will come as no surprise to most but will hopefully help others save themselves money and as an additional bonus, help towards saving the world. Continue reading “Energy Efficiency for the Morally Ambivalent”