iPods Make You Strut

Not content with all the wonderful gifts I received from my friends and family this Christmas, I have recently been out and acquired myself two more. One, a steady girlfriend (yes you are on the right blog!) and two an iPod Video!

As many of you know, Zoe and I have been seeing each other in a casual sense for a while now, don’t ask me how long, the world has passed me by recently due to everything that’s been going on. Anyhow, last week I announced that I wanted to meet her family, she’s forever visiting my humble dwelling and having to put up with my “quirky” family; so on Saturday I went over to Swallowcliffe and met the folks.

Zoe was so nervous! She must have been nervous for me because I wasn’t… I put that down to my pseudo-arrogance, “They’re bound to like me, who doesn’t?” I got on well with her brother – which is a good thing, because if I didn’t I would have been booted straight away…

So that’s that, after [insert number of years here] years of being single and happy, I’m now not single… but so far still happy :-p… the future’s bright…

Now, the iPod! Woo, the iPod. A few years back my buddy John showed me this great gizmo that he’d just purchased, “it’s an iPod dude, kind of like an MP3 player but better… made by Apple”. What?? Apple! You’re kidding? That thing is going to suck! I must say that apart from a few little quirky software things, I did like the unit but wasn’t particularly interested in buying one at the time… I was more worried about paying the rent as I was living in a huge 3 bedroom house in town with my sister, an iPod would have paid my half of the rent for a month so it wasn’t a priority.

Years passed, iPods got smaller (Shuffle and Nano), I got back on my feet (financially and mentally) and my love for music, although already huge, grew steadily. I found myself sniffing round for my next fix, new cd player here, portable minidisc player there (I’ve had three of those things now!!!) and now, after a particularly successful business month, I’ve finally bought the iPod.

Not just any iPod, oh no! I bought the 60gb Black iPod Video, direct from Apple with my name and web address engraved on the back!! Swits swoo!! It cost me ¬£299 – but you can’t put a price on perfection. The unit is beautiful! The sound quality is good through the headphones (through my home stereo it’s a little crackly at high volume) and the software is very good once you’ve gotten used to it.

So there we have it, two great reasons to smile on top of all the other good reasons I already have, the gods must be impressed with something I’ve done :-). It will be no surprise to any of you that I’ve been strutting around the house (thanks to the iPod!) and dancing in the kitchen (a habit of mine, when I’m happy I dance to whatever is playing whilst making coffee, lunch or dinner).

Off to America on Monday everyone; visiting Mr Oliver’s aunt in Arizona for about a week, then a few days in Las Vegas. My plan to get married has now been dropped due to recent circumstances; but I’ve finally decided on what I want tattooed and where, so I may still get that done.

One final note, the super-duper website that I built (which allowed me to purchase the iPod) www.pj-smoothies.co.uk has been nominated for a D & AD Design Award so well done to all involved – especially Linnie @ enotions Ltd.

Attached is the pic of my iPod… back only, we all know what the front looks like!

Much happiness to all that deserve it (and those that don’t know who they are).