Geeky Sunday

Today I had a few tasks to complete:

1). Get one of my spare boxes set up as a web server. Check all the hardware is still functional, install a very bare Linux setup, then configure Apache and Tomcat with a bunch of VHosts.

Well I started to do this but quickly discovered that my spare box only has a wired ethernet card and couldn’t be bothered to compile the USB WiFi drivers – a job for another day. Or a better idea would be to hook up another powerline adaptor somewhere I can discretely stash away a 24/7 live server.

2). Get a virtual machine setup on the old PC to install Windows 7. This first means backing up a load of stuff to DVD just to make space on the hard disk!

I changed my plan on this one… instead of VMing it (which would have obscured the real “performance” of Windows 7) I decided to re-partition the drive and dual boot. Now, I’ve always been wary of partitioning a live system and rightly so it seems. Continue reading “Geeky Sunday”