Social Network Abuse

It seems that the world has finally woken up to micro-blogging. For many years ICQ, IM clients, forums etc have offered facilities for displaying a “Mood Message” or “Status Message” to sum up, in one brief sentence, what’s happening in our lives and how we are feeling at THIS precise moment in time.

Personally, I often use mood messages to decide whether or not I actually want to talk to someone. For example, women with status messages such as “Feeling a little tender and needing a hug” should be avoided at all costs; anyone with a status such as “anoyd wiv ma bst m8” should be instantly removed from your contacts list BUT “Anyone fancy a pint?” is your new best friend.

Recently (well recently in the grand scheme of things!) Facebook has capitalised on the need we all feel, to tell everyone what we are doing, every second of the day. Reading and writing status updates probably makes up a good third of what we all do on the site. It stands to reason that sooner or later (and again, I mean in the grand scheme of things) someone would release a web service that provides ONLY status updates. Of course, I’m talking about which has recently come to the forefront of the great unwashed’s attention.

(NB: For the record, I first started tweeting back in May February ’07 – but seeing as noone else was doing it, I abandoned the idea! See for evidence!)

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