Geeky Sunday

Today I had a few tasks to complete:

1). Get one of my spare boxes set up as a web server. Check all the hardware is still functional, install a very bare Linux setup, then configure Apache and Tomcat with a bunch of VHosts.

Well I started to do this but quickly discovered that my spare box only has a wired ethernet card and couldn’t be bothered to compile the USB WiFi drivers – a job for another day. Or a better idea would be to hook up another powerline adaptor somewhere I can discretely stash away a 24/7 live server.

2). Get a virtual machine setup on the old PC to install Windows 7. This first means backing up a load of stuff to DVD just to make space on the hard disk!

I changed my plan on this one… instead of VMing it (which would have obscured the real “performance” of Windows 7) I decided to re-partition the drive and dual boot. Now, I’ve always been wary of partitioning a live system and rightly so it seems. Continue reading “Geeky Sunday”

Tools of the Trade

There are plenty of blogs and podcasts going around at the moment with names such as “10 CSS Tricks I can’t live without” and “20 essential web developer resources”, well this is going to be another of those blogs – I am not going to tell you which software to download or which tricks you should employ because I know I will have people commenting such as “Hey Mr Skelli Man, you forgot to say this” and I’m not going to call it “The things I can’t live without” because, as Paul at said in his podcast, someone would turn around and say: “Well he hasn’t said ‘Breathing’, you couldn’t live without breathing!”.

So instead, I’m going to tell you what hardware I use, then the software. I may go on to mention some web standards and useful bookmarks too – although that may be for another time because it is almost midnight and the Cranberries are singing me to sleep… Continue reading “Tools of the Trade”