The BootCamp Episode

I feel it has been long enough now, I can talk about this without feeling too much pain. I would like to explain to you the reason that I shall not be installing BootCamp on my shiny iMac; I’m sure, after reading, you will be sympathetic.

It was a hot, sunny… no it wasn’t, it was mid-January so pretty cold in fact, well it was afternoon at least, I had just completed some work for enotions and I decided that it was high time that I should fill in my time tracker so that I would know what to invoice at the end of the month; when it suddenly dawned on me that the software would only run on a PC! Shock horror! I’d have to fire up that noisy, unstable, expensive paperweight every time I wanted to print an invoice!

I knew how to get around this though, so I fired up Parallels (only a demo version as I was not yet convinced) and installed ClearlyBookkeeping; install went fine, no major errors or hiccups, so I cranked the handle on the PC and exported all my data from the BeetleJoose accounts (clever Skelli!). However! When it came to actually running CB through Parallels, it just wouldn’t open! I thought: “Oh well, I’ll just have to install BootCamp instead”. BIG MISTAKE!

I headed over to and downloaded the latest copy – it is still in BETA, but I have read many accounts of how great it is and how friends have been able to play hot PC games through it. Besides it’s now owned/maintained by Apple, so what could go wrong?

After a long 200Mb download, I ran the installer. Everything going well, no sense of impending doom (you know, that feeling you get just before you take your girlfriend to meet your parents…) and so I had full confidence.

By the time the download had finished, it was too late to install it and mess about getting it right, so I left it and came back to it the next day.

Once you have installed BootCamp, you are given a small app for creating the partitions and beginning the installation of Windows XP. So this is what I did. I found my XP cd and prepared myself for the ability to play Need For Speed: Most Wanted on a gorgeous Dual Screen iMac. But this was not meant to be…

After re-partitioning the hard disk, the computer re-booted and booted from CD. Installation began as normal and everything looked hunky dory… until… “Which Partition would you like to install Windows to?”…

Hold on… there’s only ONE partition, it’s full size as well… I don’t think I should install to there, that’ll kill OSX! It’s OK, I’ll reboot into OSX and see what BootCamp says about the partitions. Reboot.



Nothing! Oh god! Oh lord! OK, keep calm, stick the OSX disc in and boot from there. (Reboot holding Mouse button to eject XP Disc… phew at least something works).

No, can’t reboot from OSX CD. Can’t reboot in safe mode, can’t boot from firewire. Ok, try zapping the P-Ram? Nope. Ok, try zapping it three times running? Nothing!

After four hours of trying to get the machine to boot into something, I gave up and called Apple Support.
AS: “Try rebooting while holding C sir, this will allow you to boot from CD”
S: “Already tried it, but here goes…”
AS: “How about clearing the P-Ram/NV-Ram Sir?…”
And so Mr Apple Support (helpful and friendly as he was) couldn’t help.
AS: “Here Sir, take this number, call Charabi (they are your nearest service centre) and they will be able to fix it!”

After three weeks of not hearing anything about my beautiful iMac I decided to call them myself:
C: “Yes sir, we have your iMac, it’s on the bench now, we’re going to fit a new DC Power Adapter because it seems to have blown”.

Two days later and still no word:
C: “Yes Mr Grant, it wasn’t the PSU in the end, we’re now replacing the Logic Board (on Apple’s instruction) it should be ready in a few hours.”

The next day:
C: “Sorry Mr Grant, we’re completely stumped. We don’t know what to do next, we’ll contact Apple and get back to you”.

Enough was enough. I’d bought a brand new Mac 6 weeks ago and it had been in someone else’s possession for almost four of those! So I called Apple Aftersales Support.
S: “I’m a tad annoyed about not having the computer I spent ?Ǭ£1200 on, could you possibly send me a brand new one?”
AAS: “Yes Mr Grant, of course we can, retrieve the old one and we’ll send someone to pick it up”
S: “Excellent, sorry about the hassle.”
AAS: “Not at all sir, AS should have suggested it three weeks ago”.

So that’s that, by the end of the following week I had another BRAND NEW iMac sat on my desk.

Although… it’s getting about the time I should be doing my Time Tracking and Invoicing….

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