The death of another Playstation 3

I don’t know how I do it. Last night I blew up yet another PS3.

Whilst waiting for Modern Warfare 2 and  Assassin’s Creed 2, I decided I’d get back to trophy hunting on Fallout 3 (because of the disappointing ending), so have been playing it daily for about a week. Yesterday I played a little at lunch time, then sporadically throughout the afternoon whilst waiting for work assets to arrive and left it on pause whilst cooking a lovely Spaghetti Bolognese for Soph.

Dinner cooked, we decided to watch Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, at which point I noticed that the PS3 wasn’t on – I was sure I hadn’t turned it off, oh well… hold on a minute, the power indicator is flashing red… oh God not again…

So yes, restarting the unit confirmed with a brief flash of the yellow light, that I had indeed managed to cause a THIRD “Unspecified Internal Error”. This is ridiculous.

Last Time

Last time this happened to me I got in touch with Sony, their very helpful Customer Services girl informed me that I could replace my bricked PS3 60Gb with a refurbished like-for-like but it would cost me £140 (if memory serves!) because the unit was six months out of warranty. I was a little annoyed because I’m not a fan of randomly spending money on things that 24 hours previously I already had – but bit the bullet and paid for the replacement.

I was informed that the replacement unit would be brought out by courier and swapped out with my dead one and would come with a three month warranty. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure this was longer ago than three months so it looks like I’ll have to pay again; if this is the case I just might not bother!

As promised, the units were swapped out within a few days; my copy of FarCry 2 (which was stuck inside the unit) was returned to me after five weeks and everything settled down. I was rather annoyed that my hard disk upgrade couldn’t be slotted straight into the new unit so lost all my save games. Of course this will be the case again :-(

The Decision

So, part one of “the big decision” rests in the hands of Sony. If they are willing to replace my PS3 for free, then I don’t have to make the decision myself; I’ll take the new PS3 and start all my games again. If, however, they refuse to replace it for free I have to decide, am I willing to buy yet another unit for £140 (bringing my total spend on PS3 hardware to around £800) or do I tell them to forget it and sell all my games and bricked PS3 on eBay? Or even better, butcher the unit for experimentation purposes? Maybe hammer the Blu-Ray drive into one of my laptops and build a portable blu-ray player?

Either way, this all hinges on what Sony say when I call them in an hour or so. It completely makes sense to give me what I want; I purchase at least one new game each month, I’m a fiend for limited editions (yes, I have the Baterang, Night Vision Goggles and model Ezio on their way!) and I often purchase DLCs from the Playstation Store. By forcing my hand with this matter, they’ll be losing more money than the cost of the refurb.

Wish me luck!

And now, as if to mock me, my bargain copy of Mirror’s Edge just came through the post!

The Outcome

After making the call to Sony customer care, I must say I’m impressed.

Again, the helpful customer services rep told me he couldn’t talk me through anything on the ‘phone because it was a component failure. He did, however, tell me he would replace the unit at no charge… and on Tuesday! So I’ll be waiting with bated breath on Tuesday for a new PS3 AND Modern Warfare 2 – I won’t be sleeping much on Monday night!

Thank you Sony!

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