Windows 7 Beta: Installation (part 1)

So I finally got round to installing Windows 7 after some fun and games with Partition Magic and here are my findings.

  1. After selecting “What to know before installing Windows” you get a pretty standard installation guide: what to do if you’re upgrading, what to do if you’re installing a clean copy etc etc. The only thing that is non-standard about this installation guide – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in a product before (even a beta) – is that the installation guide is refering to a previous version! Not just any previous version, but the version that so many people hated they’ve gone back to that version’s predecessor and the company who released that software to retract it’s own plans to stop supporting said predecessor!
  2. After selecting your installation drive etc, a familiar vista-like installation box appears with “progress indicators” but more importantly a line saying “Your computer will restart several times during installation”. Why? Why restart it, do a bit more, restart it, do a bit more? Oh yes, of course, tradition!
  3. After a good twenty minutes of “Copying files” the installation got to about 30% of “Expanding files” and suddenly told me that the installation files were unavailable or corrupted! Well excuse me chap, but I downloaded the ISO directly from YOU, not via a torrent or some unscrupulous digital terrorist, but from YOU (after all you’re not unscrupulous digital terrorists, you’re simply regulated digital terrorists) and burnt it directly to a brand-shiny new DVD-Rom disc and verified the contents before setting off on this merry charade!
  4. On the second attempt I hit 62% before receiving the same error.
  5. And the third…

OK, maybe my media somehow didn’t burn properly, and the burn verification was incorrect so I’ll go and burn another copy, then get back to you tomorrow…

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